Leading an



developing breakthrough therapies

at the interface of

inflammation, metabolism

and immunity

About us

Kynos Therapeutics is a clinical-stage company, developing an innovative portfolio of first-in-class medicines where there is an unmet medical need for new therapies.

Our medicines block the action of KMO - a key enzyme at the interface of inflammation, immunity and metabolism.

Our vision is to revolutionise the health and well-being of patients where uncontrolled inflammation is causing suffering, for example critical illness and in chronic inflammatory conditions, and in cancers where inflammation is preventing the immune system from fighting back.

The Science

Selectively targeting

kmo at the interface of inflammation,

immunity and metabolism

KMO plays a major role in the regulation of systemic inflammation and in the pathology of conditions where there is a pressing need for new medicines

With our lead KMO inhibitor, KNS366, in a first-in-human Phase 1 study, Kynos Therapeutics is poised to bring a new generation of potent first-in-class KMO inhibitors towards the market.

The People



Jonathan Savidge Chief Executive Officer
Damian Mole Founder & Chief Scientific Officer
Scott Webster Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Alison Strutt Chief Finance Officer
Jean Combalbert Director & Chair
Elizabeth Roper Director
Tassos Konstantinou Director
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Kynos Therapeutics Ltd.
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